Thursday, 15 October 2015


According to a recent survey, 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control. Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States alone. Simple hard drive recovery can cost upwards of $7,500 and success is not guaranteed. Gone are the days when backup required to be taken on hard drives and stored at a safe place which was again consuming space. With online computing, also known as Cloud Backup, storing data has become simpler. In this system, the program gathers, compresses, deciphers and transfers the data to the service providers’ servers. For affordable cloud backup requirement please visit

Monday, 21 September 2015

Laminated Wooden Floor – The Smarter Choice for the Middle Income Group

Wooden Floors are in vogue these days. More and more people are opting for this for the “Western” look for their homes and using it for at least one of the rooms of the house. Wood makes the house feel cosy and warm as compared to stone or marble flooring.

However hard wood floors are expensive, costing between INR400-1500 per square-feet versus Laminated floor which costs INR75-250 per square-feet. However a laminated floor unless selected carefully can look artificial and over time visually unappealing. Hardwood floors also add to the resale value of your house.

Laminated floors by W2U manufacturer are easier to maintain and more durable. They are more resistant to the daily wear and tear. This is especially true for families with children. And if damage does occur it is easier to replace a laminated board tiles than a hardwood floor.

Laminated floors are also the greener alternative as it does not involve cutting down old trees and is often made from recycled wood.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Dark Side Of UV Ink Tattoos

UV tattoos are ideal for discreetness, but give high profile under UV light, giving a uniquely wild look. But there are few negatives to it.

* UV ink is more expensive and takes longer time.

* They could lose luster over time.

* Some people could have allergic reaction.

* Removal of UV tattoo is almost impossible.

UV ink shop is now online also.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Coventry Taxi Drivers Provide Dependable Service.

Each vehicle is driven by experienced drivers who have been providing dependable service to the Coventry-City. The drivers are focused, hard working business people that have devoted their skills and time in providing a very important service to the community through Coventry Local Taxi. All the taxi drivers are qualified with Hackney Carriage License.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Microsoft’s Dynamics Nav Software for businesses

Dynamics Nav is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software from the family of Microsoft Dynamics. It serves medium and small subsidiaries of multinational companies in finance, manufacturing, CRM, supply chain management and electronic commerce. C/AL (Client/server Application Language) is used for modifications of the system which is a proprietary language system. The term NAV comes from Navison, a suite of accounting applications which was acquired by Microsoft in 2002. The software has three major components; the database server (which is only in Microsoft SQL), application server (that controls all operations) and the client (the user interface). It is used for core accounting modules of general ledger, account payables, account receivables, bank account management, and fixed assets resource management like job costing, machinery costing, multi entity accounting and consolidation. Due to its origination in Europe, it has the advantage of multi currency functionalities. Its international account capabilities bear well for buy and sell spot, forwards, custom rates.