If you consider yourself to be an artistic person but really don’t class yourself as a true artist then maybe you have what it takes to become a graffiti artist. You may want to first do some research as to what this type of art entails. Then try your hand at it. You could even consider taking some graffiti workshops to expand your experience and expertise.

Once you have determined that you have a passion for this type of art then you may want to turn it into a business. This now means that you are going to have to build a clientele just like you would for any business. You can start doing this by developing a website. This will help to promote your business. While doing business on the internet can be quite lucrative there are techniques that you need to use to make it successful.

You need a really good website that is going to be informative and it should showcase your work. There are many different web themes that you can use to develop your site. Ideally you may want to have several different sites that showcase each of your graffiti art specialties.

Owning related sites on the internet can cause you some problems with the major search engines. To rectify this problem you can utilize seo.hosting which would allow you to have separate IP addresses for each of your graffiti sites. This is a great resource and something that you will definitely want to learn more about.

Another task that will be ahead of you is to learn how to market and promote your site. Your goal will be to bring traffic to it. Once you have visitors on your site then your portfolio will play an important role is selling your services. Make sure that you really research the social media platforms as these will be valuable to you as a business.